OR - O-rings

Product group: OR O-rings 


О-rings are closed circular sealing elements. The way they work is based on deformation of the cross section. They are made through vulcanization from form tools as a complete ring.

The simplicity of the shape of an О-ring and the reliability of its function is ingenious, and that is why they are the most frequently used type of seal. They are also economical to manu­facture and easy to fit, which makes them unbeatable.

The О-ring designation is given from the dimension of its inner diameter and the cross section thickness in mm, the name of the material and its hardness (elasticity)

e.g. 25 x 1.5 NBR 70

Mode of operation

The sealing function of the installed О-ring is achieved by compression between two or more elements in the sealing gland groove.
When ready to operate, the medium pressure promotes the deformation and increases the sealing effectivity. If the pressure drops to"zero", the deformation reverts almost to the fitted state.


We differentiate between the static sealing of non-moving or dynamic sealing in moving machine elements.