RS WEPO - Rotary shaft seals

Type/Ref.: Rotary shaft seals
Pressure (bar): ≤ 1/10
Temperature (°C): – 30 to +205
Peripheral speed (m/s): up to 15

is a PTFE rotary shaft seal with a spring energized sealing lip and an O-ring as static housing seal.

Standard Materials

Seal: PTFE/carbon/graphite compound D 32
O-ring: Elastomer FKM80
Spiral spring: non-corrosive, acid-resistant steel 1.4571

Area of application

For sealing of rotating and swivelling shafts, reciprocating and combined (lifting and rotating) movements.


The RS WEPO is a single acting rotation seal with an outstanding service life. Its very good dynamic sealing function is energized by an extension spring custom-designed for this purpose. The O-ring placed on the outside diameter fulfils a double function: axial sealing and the prevention of twisting in the housing. Slight swelling of the FKM O-ring caused by the medium has no negative effect on the sealing function.


All types of hydraulic oils, water, water and oil emulsion, hot air.

Operational application limits

Pressure (MPa/bar): 1/10
Temperature (°C): – 30 to +205
Peripheral speed (m/s): up to 15


The outside diameter of the PTFE part shows a plus tolerance so to be centralized in the housing by press fitting. Axial protection must be undertaken on the opposed pressure side in accordance with the operational pressure. Please also follow the general installation instructions.


The sizes mentioned on the following pages represent the standard dimensions. They are always in stock or can be delivered at short notice. In addition, we are able to produce any other dimensions required. For operational conditions other than the standard applications, further PTFE compounds, springs made of other steel and O-rings of other elastomers are available.